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A Little introduction to the people in Cambridge Bay and other supporters of “Baymaud Canada”

Maud (later called Baymaud) was built in in 1917, in Vollen, Norway by shipbuilder Christian Jensen, for world famous arctic explorer Norwegian Roald Amundsen, who was first man on the South Pole. The boat was specially built to handle the arctic ice in an attempt to drift across the North Pole.

After a much too short life she sank in Cambridge Bay in 1931, and has rested there ever since. The two other ships of Roald Amundsen, “Gjøa” and “Fram” are today conserved and presented at the Fram Museum (link) in Oslo Norway and are considered to be some of the major historic marine attractions in Norway together with the Viking Ships and are visited by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Tandberg Eiendom is a locally based development company in Asker. This company have apart from their development business been closely involved in preservation of historic buildings and environments in Asker and are highly respected for their initiatives in this field. When Tandberg recently bought the old part of Vollen they had already long thought that their dream was to bring Maud back to Vollen and build a Maudmuseum that can bring across to future generations the incredible expeditions history of Maud and her men in the Arctic Ice. This story has never really properly been brought across to the public and is full of drama and valuable historic material.

The project Maud Returns Home has gained full support from The Norwegian Maritime Museum and Asker Kommune has also given us their support by handing over the formal ownership to the wreck of Maud. This involves a big responsibility that we take very seriously.

Our project group is concerned that there will be a good communication between us and the local society that has had the wreck of Maud as their neighbour through all these years. This is also a part of the story to be remembered when the story of this expedition ship will be presented in a future Maudmuseum.

We will do our best to make this project also benefit Cambridge Bay in every possible way.

In August 2011 we will survey the wreck and we also wish to communicate our project plans to the people of Cambridge Bay, and we do hope to gain respect for our wish to save the remains of this famous ship for the future to come.

jan wanggaard
project manager

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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