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We are incredibly happy to announce that an EXPORT PERMIT APPLICATION for the Polar ship MAUD of Polar Explorer Roald Amundsen was finally delivered at 27th of October 2011, “by hand” from the official applicant, The Royal Norwegian Embassy, in Ottawa, on behalf of The Project Group MAUD RETURNS HOME and Tandberg Eiendom As, Norway.
The receiver of the application is Canadian Border Services Agency, Government of Canada.
A very special thanks to the Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa and Information Officer, Wenche Linneboe for their help and support in the application process.

We have in this way announced and accepted to be willing to take on the major challenge, namely to salvage the old Polar ship MAUD and finally return her back home to Vollen and Norway. This acceptance is a major responsibility both technically and financially. Despite this we are determined to succeed and in this way give the old ship and her incredible expedition history that attention and respect, it has always deserved, but never been given.

The process of preparing ourself for this application has been long and also costly, and has included a long process of technical and practical investigations during the last year. Most of all we wanted to feel right about doing this on an ethical level, then secondary we wanted to investigate and explore the practical challenges a salvage operation would include.

At this point in time we feel right and ready to take on this challenge in every respect.

Therefore we also need to know now, to keep ourselves in good progress, that we can receive a formal approval from the Canadian Official Authorities that we are qualified and formally right to take on the challenge to salvage and bring the old polar ship of Roald Amundsen finally back home to Norway where she was built nearly 100 years ago today.

Our plan to save Maud is the only existing real alternative to save the remains of this once world-famous polar ship, for the future to come, and our Project Plan will include all what is within its power to execute a salvage operation that in the end will be viewed by everyone, with a strong heart for polar history and beautiful old ladies, with pride and happiness.

We are now extremely hopeful, eager and enthusiastic to receive a quickest possible positive respond from the Government of Canada as we have enormous challenges in front of us in the process of preparing ourselves for a realization of a salvage operation during the summer and autumn of 2012.

jan wanggaard
project manager

Project Group MAUD RETURNS HOME have now applied through the Royal Norwegian Embassy for an Export Permit for the Polar ship MAUD of Roald Amundsen.

Picture: National Library, Norway

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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