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We have now, through the Royal Norwegian Embassy, received a NOTICE OF REFUSAL from the Canadian Government regarding our Export Application for Maud.

The reason for the refusal is explained as lack of information concerning the extraction of the Baymaud. The Export Examiner states that the ship should not be recovered without adherence to accepted archaeological standards.

We disagree this decision, and we have therefore already, through the Royal Embassy in Ottawa, handed in our Appeal to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

We applied for an export permit based on the fact that Maud was not listed as an archeological site, as it is not on the official Control list.
Maud, (her registered official name since 1991, call signal LDWF, Norwegian Ship Register) is privately owned and this was the reason, we were informed, that it was not on the LIST. This fact was part of our basis for our application, and we are therefore surprised that the Expert Examiner, despite this, considers the ship to be on this list and makes his conclusions, regarding the need for archaeological studies, based on this.
At the time of our application being handed in, we were informed that Maud was not registered on this List.

Despite this we do not oppose, in principle, an archaeological study, but we consider a further detailed study of the Maud as it lies today at the seabed in addition to what is already gathered through our Survey and Documentation of 2011 to be of marginal value.

During our Application Process we highly encouraged the Canadian Border Agency to communicate any need for further information from our hand, regarding details or demands they would need from us that was not presented in detail in our export application. We experienced no such initative.

We therefore now again encourage the Border Agency and the representatives dealing with our Appeal to communicate us clearly and directly what they want from us, regarding further documentation of any kind, so we can respond to everybodys satisfaction.

We think it is in both nations, Canada and Norway, interest that we are given the opportunity to respond any demands made from Canadian side, to finally receive an Export Permit.

In this way we can continue with full power our concrete plans for a salvage operation to be realized next summer, including whatever is needed to fullfil any given standards and plans for further documentation.

Detailed photage of the Maud, filmed during the Maud Survey, Cambridge Bay August 2011

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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