12 April 2011 » planning process | respond

After many months of hard work our plan to bring the wreck of Maud back to Norway and Vollen has been revealed to the public, and the response has been overwhelming from the norwegian public in general.

Our main challenge in the months to come will be to prepare the application for an official Export Permit as well as presenting our plan to the Canadian local authorities in addition to the local public in the region where the wreck of Maud has been resting for the last 80 years.

We know there is a wish among some local people to protect the wreck where it is. but we do belive most people will support our plan after being given a good insight into our plans – both for the rescue as well as for the future Maudmuseum.

Look into our PRESS page for more info in the public response.

Photo: The National Library of Norway.

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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