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After one month of careful analysis of all the film and photographic material as well as impressions from our visit and Maud Survey 2011 our main conclusion is crystal clear :

We wish to go ahead and put all available energy into a continuation of project MAUD RETURNS HOME

First of all we strongly feel that our project plan is on the right track both with regards to ethical aspects relative to all parties involved and also the purely practical matters relative to the present physical state of the ship. Based on the experiences from the meetings, presentations and general discussions with the local public of Cambridge Bay we strongly feel that our plans are well-adjusted in accordance within the totality of opinions and concrete challenges we are faced with at this point in time.

We experience in general that the more information and details we bring across the stronger becomes the support for our plans. We take this of course as a strong factor of motivation into the coming process and challenges to come. They are indeed plenty. We do also see this project more and more as a joint venture from everyone who have a strong heart for the ship and her fascinating history all the way from she was launched in 1917 up untill today.
Still we are fully responsible for drawing the main lines for the future process to come.

First step is now to aim for an export permit. The application is now in the process of being produced and delivered to the Canadian Government by the Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa on behalf of the MAUD RETURNS HOME Project Group and Tandberg Eiendom AS, the formal owner of Maud.

We are optimistic.

jan wanggaard – project manager

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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