14 April 2011 » planning process | respond

Snøhetta and Jarmund/Wigsnæs Architect companies were challenged separately to make sketch proposals for a new Maudmuseum placed in the heart of Vollen, Asker where this once proud polarship was built nearly 100 years ago.

An incredible energy and hard work was put into their two separate mind blowing adventures proposals. Snøhetta and Jarmund/Wigsnes chose extremely different approaches and interpretations of this major challenge.

Jarmund/Wigsnes went for a transparent solution very much in the line with what has been thought and wished and desired by the client Tandberg Eiendom. Snøhetta, on the other hand chose to create a tiny horizontal Maud Island in the bay of Vollen where the Wreck of Maud was given a final rest in something more like a mausoleum rather than a classic museum building.

Look into PRESS for more information on the two architect proposals.

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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