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After several months of studies we are now happy to present a preliminary plan for the Maud Returns Home – Rescue Operation.

Parallel to the end of this preliminary development process we are these days making official enquiries to all relevant offices and institutions in Canada regarding a renewal of the original Export Permit as well as achieving acceptance from all the local and central authority offices relevant.

We wanted to have a realistic and well thought through plan ready before we are making the Project Plan officially available to the public. We are also planning these days a trip to Canada to visit everyone relevant and present our Project Plan as well as the plan for a new Maudmuseum in Vollen, where Maud was built nearly 100 years ago.

The Project Group is now waiting eagerly to achieve an official go ahead for this Project so we can make our first major investments relevant to the Rescue Operation itself.

We still hope for a possibility to start realizing this project within the summer/autumn season of 2011.

Major elements for the Rescue Operation will be a Tug Boat and special submersible raft – specially designed for this particular operation. We have both an Ice breaker Tug and a raft at hand. The Tug is ready for operation as it is. The Raft will need several adjustments and technical preparations for being submersible and more seaworthy.

Tug - The rescue operation of Maud The Tug

The raft - Rescue operation of Maud The Raft

Our philosophy is to realize the whole Rescue Operation from beginning to end with only one and the same operational unit. We strongly belive in the simplicity and project security gained through this principle. So basically we wish to start, and finish the whole Rescue Operation in Vollen, exactly where Maud was built nearly 100 years ago. We will use the very same Tug and Raft for the whole transport and also for the rescue operation itself. The trip from Norway with the Tug and raft is estimated to be 3700 Nautical Miles or 30 days of travelling. The return trip with the wreck of Maud is estimated to take from 30 to 60 days.

There is a clear awareness from the whole project group that our main goal is to finally present the wreck of Maud, as a museum piece, after a complete cleanup and a professional conservation process. She shall be shown as a memorial sculpture, as she is.
The first step in the rescue operation itself in Cambridge Bay (CB) will be to define the state of the wreck – secure it – and prepare it for being lifted up from the seabed. The wreck will be strapped in a complete harness to avoid any chance for the hull construction to collapse further during the rescue operation. We are fully aware of the bad state of the wreck but we consider it as a major challenge to save the wreck as it is, when starting the operation.

The first lifting from the seabed will be achieved by the use of pneumatic buoyancy attached to the hull around the whole wreck around the original waterline for the ship. This part of the hull is considered to be the strongest part of the wreck which originally was enormously strongly built to withstand the pressure from the moving ice.
This operation will only have as an ambition to free the wreck from the sea bed into a neutral state in the water.

maud lift Principle for inflatable buoyancy

Maud liftMaud lift Lifting sequence from sea bottom

Stage 2 of the lifting procedure will be realized by submerging the barge to the sea bottom at shallow water and then maneuver the wreck in its neutral floating position in the water over the submerged barge.
The barge will then be lifted by pumping air into the water filled hull combined with the use of inflatable buoyancy. In this way the wreck of Maud will be fully released from the water and finally rest in a cradle on top of the barge.
In this position the wreck will be secured and prepared for the long towing transport out of the North West Passage towards the east, direction Norway.

Maud lift - The wreck of Maud The wreck of Maud will be lifted up and out of the water with the help of a submersible barge.

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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