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Yesterday the chairmanship of Asker Kommune decided by unanimous resolution to transfer the ownership of Polarship Maud from Asker Kommune to Tandberg Eiendom and its project group Maud Returns Home. Asker Kommune has from the release of the project idea last winter supported and encouraged this initiative to bring Roald Amundsens famous ship back home to Vollen and Norway and build a Maud Museum around the remains of this once proud ship.
Asker Kommune will follow this process closely now as a supporter of the Project and cross their fingers that a new Export Licence will be issued by Canadian Government to release the wreck of Maud for being salvaged and brought back to Vollen where it was built nearly 100 years ago.
This is an important step forward in our project process and we are encouraged and honored by the faith we are given by Asker Kommune in this matter. An ownership to this famous piece of physical history that has suffered under severe tearing by the ice over the years calls for action and we are now putting all energy and focus on the process to come. First of all we wish to survey the wreck as soon as the ice has cleared and also discuss the project details and our further plans with the local interests in Cambridge Bay to hopefully also have their support for saving the Maud for future generations, rather than just let it go.

Asker Kommune has transfered the ownership of Maud to Tandberg Eiendom AS based on their plan to salvage the wreck of the polarship and build a Maud Museum in Vollen, Norway where it was built in 1917.

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