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As we decided to delay our departure until next summer we just made a quick visit last week to ensure ourself that Maud was still there, and she was.
Bjørn and I arrived in Cambridge Bay the last days before the ice closes in the Northwest passage and Maud again is taken by the grip of the ice. Let us hope this will be the last winter in the ice for her. The time is due.
I could not stop myself from going in the water and I had brought a thin drysuit, to hopefullY survive some few minutes in the minus 1 celcius, for a short closeup with the old lady.
We paid our big supporter, Navalik, a visit and she takes well care of some of our stuff stored in her container. Thanks again to her.
On our way from down town CB to where Maud rests half submerged we bumped into quite a bunch of animal friends, this time.
A barge delivering goods to CB was in the harbour this time and we had a nice talk to the captain and his crew over a coffie on the mess deck. They wished us all the best of luck with our endeavour next summer.
It was a short visit to Cambridge Bay this time. Lets call it a courtesy visit, saying we are more entusiastic and excited than ever before about bringing the old ship home. She is the carrier and the mother of a million stories.
After Cambridge Bay Bjørn travels home and I will continue for another couple of weeks to dive into some of the ever facinating stories of the people and theirs achievements that surrounds the history of Maud, during and after her 7 long years expedition period in the high arctic, attempting to drift across the North Pole.

My first visit will be to Washington and the noble Carnegie Institution, Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism. They supported Harald Ulrik Sverdrup with state of the art scientific instruments, at the time, to bring with him on the Maud Expedition. This is said in a few words, an incredible story.
New update will arrive on this shortly.


Curious and excitied to see her again. curious

October 2013, The water was clear and Maud received me well, in silence. maud1

Cold hands, warm heart. cold-hands

She had nothing to say. fox2

We didnt make real friends, but pretty close, wearing my muskwool hat. (thanks to Navalik) musk1

Embraced by stone and oak and unity. embraced

Cairn still standing. cairn1

Power of silence. silent power

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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