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Its good to get out of town sometimes and get the daily routines a bit in perspective, so today we went for a walk and got a good bit of fresh air. The weather is getting a bit cooler these days and the temperature is dropping to below zero during the night, reminding us that the summer is short here and the time we have to play around in and out of water is limited to a maximum of two months during the summer season.

No fear of claustrofobia in the outskirts of Cambridge Bay.
photo jw

Arctic char being dried.
photo jw

Lunchtime conversation between Bjørn (Maud-team) and Lars (doc-film photographer)
photo jw

Stone friendly as I am I could not resist lifting up a big flat stone and underneath appeared a whole big happy family of well fed lemmings. Big surprice for us and probably also for them.
photo jw

photo jw

Cambridge Bay from across the .. bay.
photo jw

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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