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Amundsen and his crew built several cairns during their expeditions over the years, so we felt it was relevant to start the process of building one close to where Maud has spent the last 80 years. Working with stones is a good process and despite being hard physical work it really makes your head stop turning.
During the last week Bjørn and I had found good routines for the days but after the doc-film team with Hilde and Lars arrived we had to start all over again. Then it is good to have a cairn to build. The stones gradually take over the attention and soon the mind is there, present, and nowhere else. So a cairn to me is more than just a pile of stones.
We will probably spend a couple of weeks, on and off, erecting the cairn and maybe we will ask for some help from the locals to pick some nice flat stones.
Beside that we had one dive today and I did some experimentation with Maud macro photography. I wish to get closer to it all. As close as I can get. New things appear when you go closer.
jan w

When wanting to build a cairn, you need to pick the stones. Bjørn is a good man for stone picking, and many other things too.
photo: jan w

Preparing for building a Maud memorial cairn
photo: bjørn m

Tiny jellyfish paints its own pattern close to Maud
photo: jan w

A fisheye watching over the old ship.
photo: jan w

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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