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Second day in the water became a milestone for our project as we detected the old anchor of Maud. Thanks to the support and advices from Hans Vrålstad from Norway and John Rodgers from Yukon,Canada who both dived Maud more than 20 years ago, I was able to locate the anchor yesterday with great ease. It´s funny how easy things can be done when preparations are good. I must say we felt quite happy to find the anchor as Dag Leslie and I spent two full days last year looking for the anchor, but in the wrong places.
After spending a good day at the beach we normally go for some charfishing to have fresh food for supper. It is great fun to land a 1,5kg arctic char and eat it one hour later. Our philosophy is simple, “catch and eat”. By the way, I have stopped believing in carbon fibre, after my new bought fishingrod broke when I landed a fish last night. Luckily I brought my old (xxl 299,-kr) fiberglass rod, so no need for panic – yet.
There is no bad luck Amundsen used to say – only bad preparations. Or actually he said; There is nothing called luck, only good preparations.

There it is. Mauds anchor. Resting on the seabed at the same place for the last good 80 years.
Time is a strange matter.

Helen Tologanak is a local enthusiast and keen supporter of our MRH project.

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