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Skofteland Film, Norway have taken on the great challenge to produce a documentary film on the Maud Returns Home project. The first shootings are now being done i Cambridge Bay and Hilde Skofteland (director) and Lars Nilssen (photographer) are following us around from day to day. We have great expectations for this film that will follow the whole process of preparations and of course next years salvage operation.
The last couple of days we have spent in and out of the water,trying also to arrange for a public presentation of our project status and also we have planned a meeting next week with the mayor of Cambridge Bay, just to keep everyone updated on our project status.
I must say again that we experience great support and people of CB are very positive in general. It is a pleasure to spend time i Cambridge Bay.

Last view of the landcrew before sinking into the wet element for more submarine explorations of the old ship and its environment.
photo: jan w

The aft part of Maud on port side.
photo: jan w

This film-screenshot illustrates well how the main part of the Maud lower hull is in mint condition. From above the ship looks pretty worn and torn, but when coming down and underneath it all looks very different and confident.
photo: jan w

A closeup picture of a solid Maud nail produced in Vollen nearly 100 years ago.
photo: jan w

The maud skyline, the part exposed to the air all year seem nearly unchanged from pictures taken in the early 1990´s. It is the area from the sea surface aprox 2 meters down, exposed to the tearing from the winter ice, that really gets beaten and eaten slowly up.
photo: jan w

Maud-team key person Bjørn fishing for lunch at the Northwest Passage oceanfront, well covered by the doc-film team. Bjørn claims (with a wide smile) that he has lost 7kg allready since arrival CB.
photo: jan w

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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