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Since we made the decition this summer (a wise one – it seems) to give us another year for preparations before we lift anchor from Norway and head for the west, we have given us the freedom to lift our eyes a bit, to look both into the history, but also to look a bit deeper into the challenges we will have to deal with during our Maud rescue operation.
I have now just departed Norway for a little roundtrip both to the Canadian North as well as the south.
Bjørn has joined me for the first part and this morning we will depart from Montreal to Iqaluit up on the south coast of Baffin Island facing Greenland to the east.
During our trip to Iqaluit we wish to visit the Head Office for the Canadian Coastguard that are based in Iqaluit, and hopefully get som hot tips and maybe some entusiasm for our project plans. That can for sure be a good thing.
When we arrive the Davis strait next summer we wish of course to be able to enter into Cambridge Bay as early as possible to make maximum benefit of the short arctic summer with (semi) open waters. This will give us the best possible start on our ambition to raise Maud and possibly head out and towards the east and find a winter harbour before we cross the atlantic with Maud the summer of 2015. Baffin Island area might be a suitable area for a winter harbour and that is also partly what we wish to investigate during our short stop up in Iqaluit.
Let us see how it goes. Follow us in the coming weeks on more things to come.
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