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Its been an ultra hectic spring period for the small MRH group covering all aspects of preparations for a long and ambitious journey to bring back home the old ship MAUD of Roald Amundsen. Here comes a little sum-up of the key matters we are involved in these days

Tandberg Polar
In january this year we concluded, after a long process of consideration, that it was neccessary to purchase our own expedition ship being a sturdy tugboat. Initialy we imagined to only rent a ship but as the process progressed we realized that our project needed to have time and room to develop its own expedition ship in every detail for this very specific journey and challenge in all.
This was an important decision to secure a successful end outcome for our ambitious MRH journey that was initiated a few years back.
We found a good solid tug down in Farsund, at the south tip of Norway, and after some trips down there with some competent boat and engine people we agreed and brought Tandberg Polar (ex Khan) up to Asker and our Project base at Munkesletta.
It was my suggestion to name our new tug “Tandberg Polar” to honor the Tandberg family who took the initative to build and realize this ambitious dream to finally save and bring old Maud back to Norway and Vollen.

The submersible salvage operation unit called Jensen
Our massive submersible unit or barge or whatever it can be called, has in the last months undertaken a major face lift. 10 major steelbeams have been introduced to give the support needed to carry Maud on his shoulders. In addition we have made a walkway on each side to give us better working conditions when Maud has landed on deck.
In addition the controlled sinking and rising of this unit is now being achived by introducing a pump system that can fill and empty water into the 6 independent enclosed tank volumes.

Another major element of the operation are the air filled pontons to be used for the initial lifting operation and also for additinal buoyancy and stability for the lifting and transport unit, called Jensen. The pontons are extremely sturdy ballons each with 15 kbm volume, equivalent to 15 tons of lifting force in water.

Our tug Tandberg Polar sails through Drøbak at dorn 9th of April 2013, with the best of intentions.
Bjørn confirms no torpedoes in sight. inn-drøbak-2

Engine man and magician Terje in his right element.

Serious quality testing of an inflated ponton performed by chief inspector Bjørn. bjørnjump

A major steel puzzle arriving Asker for being assembled on to Jensen.

A 50 ton crane lifting the steel components into position for assembly.

Steel components are put together and made ready for being lifted onto Jensen. assembly8

Each assembled steel element is carefully lifted into its exact position. assembly10

First cross element in position on Jensen, the barge. assembly11

Tug Tandberg Polar and Jensen heading back to base for more preparations. jensen+tp-tow

The Maud support is identifying itself. maud-cradle1

No flybridge but a catwalk, is neccesary. maud-cradle2

Tandberg Polar and Jensen – in pole position pole-position

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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