Master thesis on Maud Museum lighting

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Hege Homb Dedichen, graduate student in Design at Oslo National Acadamy of The Arts, recently won “Statsbyggs” student award for excellent interior architecture”.
Dedichen have in her master thesis used the polarship Maud, and made a suggestion for a
future museum for the ship – after its return to Norway. The thesis is focused on how
daylight can function as a narrative tool to tell a story, and in this case – the story of Maud.
Dedichen has used the Boat Hall (Båthallen) at the Norwegian Maritime Museum, where she basically wish to use the existing architecture as a basis. She imagines the hull placed inside the hall, immersed in the room, surrounded by an atmosphere reminiscent of the ice – some what alike what surrounds Maud today.
The jury say that “the candidate have through their thorough analysis and modeling discussed the daylights essential feature of the architecture, and has studied how the light can be used as a narrative tool without the main feature being ousted”.

Well done Hege. This was a very valuable input for us in the challenging process towards defining a future presentation environment for Maud. Hege has presented Maud in a compact environment where the old ship is positioned very much similar to how it is resting on the seabed in Cambridge Bay today, and the museum main floor is leveled with the existing waterline of the half submerged ship. This creates an interesting effect where the viewer can become very close up and “feel” intimate with the old Lady. Still we have a clear intention to bring Maud back home to Vollen where she was built nearly 100years ago and curiuos enough Hege did not know of our plans when she made the basis for her theses. We do find her work inspiring and also extremly nice. JW

Award winners:
Hege Homb Dedichen (left) and Malin Skjelland Eriksen (right) with development director May Balkøy from Statsbygg. Photo: Statsbygg

Download the thesis: “Dagslys som Narrativt Virkemiddel: Polarskipet Maud i Nytt Lys” (Norwegian pdf)

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