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After seven years of steady work by our Maud Returns Home project team and endless support by Tandberg Eiendom who has been alone on the administration and financial side, old polar ship Maud arrived in Vollen on the 18th of August 2018, followed by an armada of support vessels and greeted by thousands of people along the shores of Asker. The homecoming became a national celebration and NRK Television followed us with live covering the last days of our sailing along the coast towards the Oslo fjord. For us the whole experience of arriving home turned surreal after years in the emptiness of the Arctic and for Maud it must have been quite a surprise after 100 years away from home.

Maud arrival in Vollen 18th of August 2018 – a moment to remember
maud homecoming
photo: Kevin Coeckelbergs/MRH


After a challenging departure from Cambridge Bay, Canada in the autumn of 2017 we battled the drift ice in the Northwest Passage and arrived in Aasiaat on the west coast of Greenland early September for the winter. To cross the Atlantic in the late autumn was not advisable as we had a clear wish to arrive Norway safe and sound. Patience is a virtue. But as the ice opened in June 2018 we could prepare and depart for the last journey to Norway for Maud after 100 years

Maud is sailing the coast of Greenland early summer 2018
polarship maud greenland
photo: janf/mrh

Beautiful scenery surrounding Maud along the east coast of Greenland.
maud homecoing east coast greenland
photo: janf/mrh

We had various weather across the Atlantic ocean and did several stops waiting for calmer weather both on Iceland and Faeroe Island before the last leg towards the west coast of Norway.
maud atlantic crossing summer 2018
Photo: janf/mrh

And as some people say – Amundsen is watching over you guys. maud west of faroe island_
photo: janf/mrh


So finally after seven years of battle we could cross the old trail of Maud as we sailed in to Bergen one 100 years + one month after she sailed out on her long journey in the summer of 1918. We all felt pretty much out place and so did Maud as we entered the harbor of Bergen on a rainy morning in early august 2018. And during the next few weeks we enjoyed the feeling of having brought old Maud back to her homeland after a long long journey. The reception from the public was overwhelming and I do think many people felt the same as we have done, that the homecoming of Maud also somehow became the homecoming of Roald Amundsen himself after he flew out from Tromsø the summer of 1928 and never returned.

After months at sea Maud suddenly became urban in the middle of downtown Bergen
maud arrival bergen
photo: janf/mrh

When approaching the Oslo fjord Maud was greeted by the pilot at Færder Fyr
maud greeted by færder pilot

At Arrival Oslo we were greeted by a big crowd and the Mayor, Marianne Borgen
maud oslo harbour
photo: janf/mrh

On Sunday the 19th of August we visited Amundsens home Uranienborg at Svartskog. maud at uranienborg svartskog
photo: janf/mrh

Maud back outside Akershus Fortress 100 years after her first winter in 1917-18
akershus.festning maud 2018
photo: janf/mrh

As we came closer to Vollen we were met by an armada of boats of all kinds and who could not feel something special in that very moment in time.
maud homecoming 2018
photo: janf/mrh

Parked for the first winter in Norway at Maudheim Tofte. The winter roof is completed and we can now focus on the continued preservation of Maud.
winter roof maud 2019 Photo: stigp/mrh

We are now started the slow but steady process of developing the basis for a future House of Maud, placed in Asker. The exact position is not yet defined. Our focus is to create a communicative and fascinating atmosphere around Maud during the conservation process, also gradually more available to the public. Maud Contemporary represents the transition period the old polar ship will undergo after having spent 100 years in nature surroundings, and now facing a future in a conceptualized environment. This is a great challenge to make happen in the right way. Maudheim Tofte is placed at the southern most coast of the new big Asker Municipality, about 1 hour drive south of Oslo center.

jan wanggaard
project manager
MRH/Maudheim Tofte


tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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