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It has been a very busy last week in Cambridge Bay and now we are ready to take off and depart for Norway. Its a little windy outside so the light snow flows around and we are a bit curious the plane will arrive to pick us up. Well, thats how it is up here in the high north. Nature is in command, after all.

The last days of diving was very fortunate and we managed to collect a good packet og nice pictures as well as a bit of good filming. It is all vey marginal whether to have luck or not. Or as Amundsen liked to say: “there is nothing called luck- just good planning”. I can only agree. At the same time we were lucky to have clear sky and not so much snoowdrift for making good pictures on top of the ice and the diving and photo-equipment realy stood the test.

We are extremely happy to have been able to go here this winter. It really was a totally new experience and the atmosphere both over and under the ice really touched us, and we have collected a lot of material and impressions that we can bring along into the future and present in our House of Maud, to come.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Tandberg brothers who have the courage and vision to make all this come through – step by step.

Runhild hiding behind the old windlass that also followed Fram to the south pole.
photo by jan w

Bow part crushed by the ice with ice iron at original waterline
photo by jan w

History close up: Checking out for Amundsens fingerprint at windlass
photo by jan w

Starboard side of Maud comes up through the winter ice and get exposed to the winter air.
photo by jan w

Front deck with port anchor chain coming out.
photo by jan w

Front detail with ice protection iron visible at low middle.
photo by jan w

Landman Bjørn happy to have Runhild returned up and in the tent.
photo by jan w

Me, with a hint of relief after the final dive under the ice – in Mauds world.
photo by jan w

jan w – 7th of Decemnber 2012

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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