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There she silently rests under a thick shelf of ice. Solid oak submerged in the arctic freezing cold water. She seems unapproachable and invulnerable. She has survived here for 3 generations. Only the part directly exposed to the winter ice is torn and worn. It emphazices the whole impresssion of drama.

And here we are. Small warmblooded creatures trying to reach in to her – meet the old lady and take in all her power. Maud herself as an old ship seem to be the caretaker of the whole history of Amundsen and his brave men, fighting their way through to those empty impossible places on this planet.
They were polarheroes, but they were also normal human beings, vulnerable and full of respect for their limitations.

We feel the same here and now. The polar night is firm and colossal. Overwhelming in all respect. We are humble, but also intensively focused as we slowly submerge ourselves into the freezing cold artic water. Leaving this world as we know it, inside a little tent on top of the ice. Leaving minus 30 and enter the relatively warm water of minus 1. Yes we can breath down there. We have technology supporting us, and we are also well prepared mentally. Its a challenge in all respect. Not much room for fear og panic. Keep calm.
A hole in the ice is our entrance to Mauds world and it is also our only exit back.
ICE AND OAK – here we come.

Preparing the divehole with entrance for two divers at the same time.
photo by runhild o

A lavuu tent serves naturally as the base camp on the ice over Maud.
photo by jan w

The divehole inside the tent. The tent serves as a good protection from the wind.
photo by jan w

Ready to go. Its a great challenge to enter the water when air temperature is at minus 30 celcius.
photo by jan w

First feel of the arctic water. The hole is illuminated by the red tent.
photo by jan w

photo by jan w

Not a good place to be claustrofibic.
photo by jan w

Photographing the bow of Maud.
photo by runhild o

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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