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After a few weeks here in Cambridge Bay it has turned from late winter to early summer. The ice seem to evaporate more than melt and Maud will soon be free from the ice again. Barge Jensen and tug TP are still held in the grip of the ice, but things happens fast now in the next coming weeks.

Our man Stig has really found his place her in CB as he arrived well before Bjørn and I and we all feel very pleased with the present status.

The last weeks we have been able to move over a bunch of airbags from the barge to the Maud site only a few 100 meters away. We have also prepared the heavy ropes that will be attached to Maud as soon as the ice opens fully.

In short this all means we are well into the preparations for the first stage of lifting Maud free from the sea bed with the help of giant airbags.

But still we need to wait for the ice to open up and this might still take another couple of weeks.

So patience is a virtue and we have no problem filling the time with meaningfull activities, ranging from directionsless walks in the arctic emptiness, to catching a lake trout for a late night meal while watching the never ending sunset.

In general we feel pretty good with a sensible portion of excitement for the coming weeks and months. I will do my best updating you on our progress in the weeks and months to come. We feel excited but still pretty focused on the day to day challenges. The ice melts rapidly and I will update you on our progress in the weeks to come.


Birdview of Maud at midsummer 2015 taken from a classic box kite inspired by Amundsens aerial activity. DCIM100GOPROG0082983.
box kite photo: jw

Chunky Maud oak at starboard side coming up out of the spring ice. maud1-ny
photo: jw

Time for some ice fishing on the lakes before the short summer break up. isfisker_
photo: jw

Jensen framed in the last winter ice before an exciting summer in Cambridge Bay. jensen-20.juni-1
photo: jw

Our good man Stig is busy making a floating platform for us to play on – like kids. Sorry – this is a serious mission and no playing around of course. DCIM100GOPROG0052492.
photo: jw

Airbags for lifting gathered around the Maud cairn pølser1
photo: jw

The MRH base team gathered in our dear couch at the Maud beach us-in-sofa
photo: jw

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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