MRH in Cambridge Bay 2012

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The summer season in Cambridge Bay is even shorter than what we are used to up in the northern part of Norway. An average of two short months without ice in the summer asks us to be focused and rational when planning for the Maud salvage operation next year.
This summer the Maud Returns Home Project Group are again intending to spend most of August in Cambridge Bay. We wish, just like previous year, to do further identification of the old polar ship, to build a best possible understanding of how we shall approach the challenging task of raising the Maud out of the arctic water next year.
This will include more detailed assessments of the state of the ship, taking samples for analysis as well as more detailed documentation with film and photography.
Further, this year we will continue to communicate our project plans and aim to build a basis for a long lasting relationship with the local people of Cambridge Bay. We also wish to discuss with the community how we can, in a best possible way create some kind of memorial object, close to where Maud (Baymaud) has spend a good part of the last 100 years. We do have some ideas in this respect.
The Maud Returns Home Project Group will also have a documentary film team following us this year in Cambridge Bay. More a about this in a separate NEWS.

Cairn erected by the Maud crew in the memory of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, first man to cross the NorthEast Passage in 1878.

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