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A busy schedule preparing our departure has made our web-page suffer these days, but it only means we are hands full preparing and loading our tug and barge with all one can think of can be needed to fulfil our ambitious plan to bring the old treasure of Roald Amundsen back home to Vollen.

Our departure date is set for 15.june but we are giving ourselves the freedom to adjust this considering the weather prospects and also how the ice situation is progressing over there in the Canadian Arctic.
The Northwest Passage is today still full of ice, which is quite normal for this time, while the open sea gradually eats its way up through the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay west of Greenland.
We are setting goals as they appear, and our first challenge is now to depart and feel comfortable and ready to cross over to Greenland. When rounding Cape Farewell we will head up the west coast as far as we find suitable. There we will assess the situation and prepare to enter into the Northwest Passage as it open up normally during the last half of July.
Our journey over to the west will give us valuable time to look through all the equipment we will use during our rising operation, and also further discuss all details around the rescue operation as a whole. Apart from that the trip will be a great opportunity to breath. Its been a long process of preparations and we all do look forward to a change in scenery. As Bjørn says: “All this just for a little trip on the ocean” It is for sure a shorter preparation needed to go out fishing with my Nordlandsboat in Lofoten. This is really something different though. It is a quite a different catch from a cod for dinner. But the philosophy around it all is very much the same, at least for me.
We will do our best to treat the whole issue with care and respect, to the best of our capabilities.

Now we all look forward to see the horizon appear in front of us. Look up and ahead and towards the west. Just like sailors have done ever since the first ships sailed from Norway, more than 1000 years ago.
Living and dead – will sing along.

jan w

As ready to go as one can be. Jensen left, Tandberg Polar on the right. jensen

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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