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After weeks running around ourself and everyone else we can finally feel that gentle move of the sea under our feet. Its been some busy weeks and months now with a feel as if we never would get ready as new small issues constantly pops up – one after the other – in an never ending row.
I watch out out on the starboard side and I see Færder lighthouse. A familiar sight that I have rounded many a times with my windsurfer in the old days.
We can´t really grasp yet that we are on our way for this great mission. Everyone are feeling a bit strange after all this stress and strange farwell waving goodby to our loved ones just like in the old days. There is something particular about leaving with a ship. It can´t compare with anything else. We all felt it yesterday.The great transition. And now we are out here in this new silence.
Well silent might not be the excact description as the sound of our heavy engine is here at all times, like the sound of something deep and motherly.
We will make a short stop over at the southern most point of Norway, namely Farsund for a little technical test, to fullfill one of numerous demands from the The Norwegian Veritas that we have dealt with the last weeks before departure.
I could say a lot about the red tape and regulations of the Norwegian Sailing Regulation Authorities, but I better not. We are through now, well at least 99% so it is for sure better to look ahead rather than back.
The sun is shining we have the a nice breeze from behind, and we are on our way.
Dear Roald hope you can wish us well from up there. We do as best we can and think we are a good little group of people that you would have liked to meet. Some day, maybe. Finally a little thanks to the Tandberg brothers, Gubben, Espen and Franz for their unlimited support and enthusiasm from the very start till the end of the beginning.
Lets keep in touch.


the MRH tranport team ready for departure 22.june 2014
back from left: terje mørkved, bjørn myrann, erik nansen, stig pettersen, eirik blom,
front from left hermann hoel, jan wanggaard

hang on Jensen – we are heading west

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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