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To see Maud last night in Cambridge Bay, close up with TP and barge Jensen was as to witness a love affair come through. An earthly power of natural will become materialized – at one glance.
The whole experience of travelling here has been much like a classic drama. We have been through heavy weather of all kind before arrival here in Cambridge Bay. It has been a journey of more than 7000 kilometers. We have felt very much alive.

Thank you to Terje, Eirik, Erik, Stig, Bjørn and Hermann for your great work on TP this summer. Thanks to Dag Leslie in CB.
And a big thank you to the Tandbergs for their endless support. and also thanks to all those who let us borrow your loved ones for the entire summer of 2014. We are again at the end of another beginning. Maud is a grand lady, and she is one step closer to home. And so is Amundsen.

Today I write 12th of September 2014. In less than one month we can expect the ice to freeze up around us here i Cambridge Bay. Before that we will use the time as best we can to preapare the salvage operation of Maud and also the preparations for TP to spend the winter her in CB.
As we already now experience below zero celcius temperatures here in CB, we know the winter is around the corner. We will now make ourselves best possibly prepared for action when the ice opens around July next year.
It has been a long summer and the tranport of TP and Jensen from Vollen to Cambridge Bay has taken most of our attention and energy. So it is. We do look forward now to gain a new focus and fresh angle of approach before we head into the next chapter of Maud Returns Home. Thanks to all those who has followed and supported us so far. There is for sure more to come.

all the best

TP, Jensen and Maud together. A new milestone for MRH. tp-arrival

Tandberg Polar in the ice-1 novara3
graeme wilding

TP pushing through the ice in Bellot Strait tp-in-ice1

Jensen plays well in the power game tp-in-ice2

Skipper Hermann take a deserved rest hermann

Erik and Eirik eirik&erik

Stig on the rocks stig

Snow is in the air. terje+bjørn

coffie time is happy hour coffie-time i happy hour

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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