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We have arrived in Cambridge Bay fit and well and our 4 pieces of jam packed luggage is still with us after two days of travelling and it is always a nervous moment everytime we arrive for a new baggage pick up. The weather in CamBay is brilliant, clear blue sky and a light fresh breeze from the north east.

I just woke up after some good hours of sleep 8 hours behind Norway. Yesterday after arrival we spent the day and evening unpacking all the equipment and we had a quick ride over to Maud and it all seems very similar to last year. My first observation was that the arctic water around Maud seemed more clear than last year, and from that moment I got extremely eager to get into the water and do some shooting. So that is our plan for today. Bjørn is still sleeping next door – but that will not last for much longer – time for action. I will soon update on our first day in the water.

4th. August 2012
jan w

The last three hours before landing in CamBay we fly straight north in Canada and the scenery is flat and full of small lakes. Its like a mantra.

Until arrival first time in CamBay I didnt believe a jet plane could touch down on a gravel runway. Now I know.

When we arrived at Maud last night I looked up at this bird over my head, and my first thought was: Is this Amundsen watching over us.. And my thought was confirmed by local Maud project supporter Helen, who told us that this bird is an obvious sign of Amundsens prescence. Well lets hope he is happy with our ambitious plan. After the bird I saw this hare and thought; well if that bird was Amundsen, who could this be? Any suggestions?

Well this is at least Bjørn, no doubt, watching over Maud for the first time.


Tomorrow we are heading for the North West and Cambridge Bay,Nunavut, Canada This year we are travelling to Cambridge Bay and the old lady Maud with a new approach. Last year we had no allowance from the Canadian government to bring the polar ship of Roald Amundsen back home to Norway. This year we have been issued an official clearance after a long process of applying for and Export Permit.

So our first priority apart from making further studies of the ship itself is to meet the local people of Cambridge Bay again and further build that good relationship we felt we had began to develop during our stay last year. We wish to meet the Elders, the youngs and all those who have an interest for what we are planning to do and also to meet up with the local authorities to discuss our plans and our thoughts on how to end up not leaving Cambridge Bay next year making them feel that they have lost something. We wish and hope to make people feel they are part of a positive process that will benefit everyone, not only the norwegians who will finally see the old ship of Amundsen come back to Vollen after nearly 100 years since it departed in 1918.

We have a great challenge in front of us. We are a small group and we have several tasks to deal with while spending the coming month of August in Cambridge Bay. I will do my best to bring across through this blog how we spend our days and give the reader glimpses of how it all comes along.

Bjørn Myrann my long time friend and right hand in all kind of projects I have dealt with over the years is travelling with me this year and we will also have a Norwegian Documentary Film group with us for most of the period we are here. Tomorrow we are leaving Norway for a long trip and bags are filled with lots of stuff. Lets see how it all gets along.

jan wanggaard, 1st august 2012

Practicing cairnbuilding before departure Canada. One big beech three from the garden.
photo: jan w

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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