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The last couple of weeks we have, among other things, been busy building a cairn on the beach close to where Maud has rested for the last good 80 years.
Stone is a good material so we felt right from the beginning that to build something out of all the nice flat stones in the area was a good thing to do. The cairn building has kept us warm on cold days and we have enjoyed the process, and the local responce has also been good.
Bjørn takes care of the delivery and I put the stones carefully in their places. A perfect distribution of responsibility, in my opinion.
During the original Maud expedition Amundsen and his crew built (probably among others) a cairn at the northern most point in Russia in the memory of Adolf Erik Nordenskiold and his crew who was the first to sail through the Northeast passage on the Vega expedition.
Our cairn building initative was naturally also motivated by this, following up a nice tradition with 100 years intervals.
We do hope the cairn will still be standing when we come back next year. This is the biggest cairn I have ever built using this tecknique. We hope for the best and we are humble. We do hope the people of Cambridge Bay will receive this initiative well and that it can be a physical evidence of unity and friendship among us all.

Cairn just done.
photo by lars n

The cairn building process was a major team effort.
photo by lars n

The Cairn is placed just up the beach from where Maud has rested for the last 80 years.
photo by jw

Hide and seek – got you.
photo by jw

thanks to Bjørn

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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