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It has been some weeks now with waiting and going and waiting and going for our Tug Tandberg Polar and Barge Jensen heading for Cambridge Bay in the middle of the Northwest Passage to salvage old polarship Maud.

The ice melting this summer has been slow, so no ships has yet been able to cross in or out through the famous passage.

Just now Tandberg Polar is heading slowly down Prince Regent Inlet on its way down hopefully to be able to continue through the last stretch towards Cambridge Bay.

The last days the ice has opened up a lot and everything looks more promising than ever. So we cross our fingers that TP and Jensen can head on and reach Cambridge Bay within a week.

I have now left the tug on Greenland and travelled to Cambridge Bay to make preparations there and try to back up the TP-crew with the latest ice and wind reports to help them push through to Cambridge Bay. September is generally a good month for open water so we still have time to get things done before the new winter sets in. First new ice normally sets in the middle of October.

take care

This is all what it is about these days. Reading the ice maps, constantly receiving new updates. Watch the wind and changes in ice movements. And then make the right decitions for what to do. tp-track


Windmap of the same area showing Tandberg Polar position today heading south towards Ballott strait. windmap2

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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