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And then in suddenly Maud with all her history and symblic power chose to release herself and let the cold arctic water caress her keel again after 85 years heavily resting on the bottom of the sea, far away from home.

I was filling an airbag at the stern of Maud. A very common daily activity during the last month in Cambridge Bay. While floating wightless under water behind the Maud observing the bag being filled within some minutes I was a little mindless to make the waiting time pass. My eyes were resting at the back of the heavy chunky rudder at the very back of Maud. The water is always pretty misty when diving around Maud as the mud is so light and stir up only by a small wave of my hand. I noticed a little more misty water than usual just along side the rudder, and it caught my attention, really without putting much notice of it, but small changes in the nearby environment has taught me to become aware and without much thought I inflate a little air into my suit and rise slowly to the surface only some meters above.

I saw the image of Stig as I surfaced and his face was simply just a big smile. What a great view. Instantly I realized the reason. Maud is lifting. Within the next half minute she came, slowly, with grace, just like a Queen shall do it.

She surfaced.

I turned my head to Bjørn on the shore. His hands reached over his head, and I felt a strange rush of warmth coming to my head as my hands waved back to him. It was like in slow motion. In one moment all our qustions diluted into silence and I let myself sink slowly down to greet the old lady Maud, who finally had let go. She was free, again after all these years.
I swam all the way down to the rudder and had to let my hand feel under it. Yes there was for sure plenty of water under her. I saw a wonderful line of light all along the keel forward. Maud floats again. Dear Roald Amundsen. The story of Maud and her destiny has not come to and end. She floats again. Nearly 100 years after you baptised her in Vollen. She will sail home again, and I welcome you to come along. Its time to rest.

I honour my crew, I honour the Tandbergs for supporting us and I honour Roald Amundsen. We are now one big step closer to see Maud back in Vollen.

1st of August 2016
jan wanggaard

Maud has surfaced again after 85 years. maud-float1 kopi
photo: jw

The Maud crew of 2016 standing on the deck of Maud,
from left: Bjørn Myrann, Terje Mørkved, Kjell Myrann, Stig Pettersen, Jan Wanggaard the crew-3 kopi
photo: dke

tandberg eiendom as / concept jan wanggaard

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